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Download & Installation

All steps to setup iungo in a few minutes.

1. Installl Zope

Please read the Zope-INSTALL.txt on how to setup a Zope-Server.

2. Copy some generic Zope-Products into the filesystem of your Zope-Server.

Please download the following products, unzip/untar them and copy all into the Products-directory of your Zope-Server (Zope/Products). Don't forget to restart your Zope-Server afterwards.

  • AbracadabraObject - A copy-shop for Zope-objects providing unique ids.
  • PropertyTools - Flexible database-objects for Zope.
  • OrderedObjectManager - Keep order in your folders.
  • Epoz - A Wysiwyg-Editor for Zope. It is highly recommended to install mxTidy along with Epoz to get XHTML. Please read the mxTidy-Installation-Howto in the Epoz-Package.
  • ExternalEditor (optional) - Edit Zope-Objects with generic desktop-applications.

3. Create an iungo-instance with an import of iungo.zexp.

iungo is delivered as a .zexp-Export-File. Copy it to Zope/import (filesystem of Zope-Server), enter the root of the Zope-Management-Inferface (ZMI) und hit the Import/Export-Button. Enter iungo.zexp as filename. Now you can call iungo with http://localhost:8080/iungo.

If you don't want to import iungo.zexp into the root of your Zope, you have to update the catalog after the import. Enter the Zope-Management-Interface (ZMI), enter the iungo-folder -> Catalog -> Advanced -> Update Catalog. Thats it.

  • iungo.zexp (a current copy of this website will be exported).

4. What's next?

If you succeded installing iungo, you can open it with your webbrowser. Maybe you should
work through the tutorial to get a quick introduction to iungo.


iungo is Copyright © 2007 by Maik Jablonski