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Step 6

How to create custom content-types with a few clicks? (just some notes at the moment)

(still to be written, just a few notes taken from a mail as a starting point).

  • Go to standard_object_folder in the ZMI.
  • Copy & Paste iungoPage. Always start with a copy&paste of the iungoPage, because this page resembles the strict idea of a content-object which can read out by iungo without problems. Don't do something else if you don't know what you do otherwise...;)
  • Rename copy_of_iungoPage to something you like (maybe: PersonPage).
  • Enter the newly created object.
  • Click onto the Manage-Tab. Change the object_type to something reasonable (maybe: Person). The object_type is a virtual class for this content-type which is needed for synchronization of properties after you've made a change to the master-object in the standard_object_folder.
  • Start modifying / adding properties via the Properties-Tab.
  • Enter iungo and see what you've done...;)
  • Please note: If you'll want to create a content-type with no "unstructered" data (HTML, PDF, etc.), please set the content-type of the iungoData-File to "not/used". Don't delete the iungoData inside the PropertyFolder!!!


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