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Step 2

Copy, cut, paste and delete pages.

  • If you want to create a copy of the currently selected page at the same level in the navigation-tree, you'll have to click on [Copy]. A new page is created and all content of the currently selected page is copied into a new one. Sub-pages of the current page are not copied.
  • Please select Tutorial and make a copy, then select Step 1 and make a copy. You've got the idea? You must be very smart...:)
  • If you want to move a newly created page to another place in the navigation-tree, you'll need to select the page and hit the button [Cut]. The page is transfered to the "clip-board" which is shown by a little symbol in front of the page in the navigation-tree.
  • If you'll now select another page and then hit [Paste], the "clip-boarded" page is pasted as a sub-page to the selected page and will be removed from the old place.
  • Please try it. Select Tutorial, hit [Cut], select FAQ, hit [Paste]. Now the whole tutorial should be shown under FAQ.
  • If you want to delete a page (including all sub-pages), please select the page and hit [Delete]. Deleted pages are moved into a trashbin and can be restored from there. Simply [Cut] & [Paste] as described above. If you'll delete a page in the trashbin, this page is gone forever. If you'll delete the trashbin itself, all pages in the trash are gone forever. So take care...:)
  • Please try it now: Make a copy of the FAQ and delete it. And now delete the trash. That's it.


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