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Step 1

Select and move pages around.

  • Please call iungo in your web-browser via http://localhost:8080/iungo. Maybe you need to replace localhost:8080 with the correct address:port of your server. You should see a local copy of the iungo.org-Website.
  • If you're not logged into your Zope, hit the button [Edit] on the upper right. Please log in.
  • If you click a link in the navigation (right slot), you can view single pages. The currently viewed page is displayed with a red border in the navigation-tree. Clicking on the plus-symbol ([+]), you can open a sub-page of the current-page, clicking on [-] will close this sub-page again. Try it and you'll get it...
  • All actions in the headline (View / Edit, Create, Delete, Copy, Cut / Paste, Up, Down) always working on the currently selected page in the navigation-tree. This page is also displayed in the main content-area.
  • If you want to move the Tutorial to the top of the navigation-tree, please select it and then hit the [Up]-button to move it up. It works? Wonderful...


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