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The OrderedObjectManager patches the ObjectManager so that you can determine the order of all ZOPE-objects by hand. Simply "click & move" the objects to the required positions. This is extremly useful if you need special sortings for objects in folders for displaying in navigational elements.

To install OrderedObjectManager, unpack the product in your ZOPE-Products-Folder and restart ZOPE. After installing you see four additional buttons [at the right and at the bottom of the page] for moving objects around in all folderish objects. If you sort a folder by clicking on one of the sorting keys at the top of the folder (Type, Name, Size, Last Modified), you can "save" this sorting with "Order Objects".

OrderedObjectManager is prepared to be used with ExternalEditor and AbracadabraObject. OrderedObjectManager patches the OFS/dtml/main.dtml. If you use other products which patches this page, you have to resolve resulting conflicts by combining these changes.

If you want to integrate OrderedObjectManager into your Plone-Site, create an External Method in your Plone-Site with

  • id = Install
  • Module Name = OrderedObjectManager.Install
  • Function Name = install

save it and then execute it by clicking on Test. Now you can see two additional buttons if you view folder contents in a Plone-Folder, which allow you to determine positions of objects by moving selected objects up and down. Please note: OrderedObjectManager delivers a slightly patched version folder_contents. You should test OrderedObjectManager in a clean Plone-Site to see how it works, before you integrate it into your production site.

The OrderedObjectManager works reliable for me and I can't live without it anymore, but I will give no warranty at all. Don't use this product in production environments before you've tested it properly in a sandbox!!!

OrderedObjectManager is based on modified / improved codes from the OrderedFolder by Stephan Richter / copyrighted by iuveno AG. Please read the LICENSE.txt for more information.

Send all questions & comments regarding OrderedObjectManager to maik.jablonski@uni-bielefeld.de.





- some minor fixes in manage_main.dtml to be in line with
current Zope 2.10.x releases.


- Reverted change from 1.5.2 in favor of a more flexible approach to
customize the main-view in a running Zope:

It is possible to overwrite the manage_main by creating a
DTML-Method with id=manage_main_dtml in Zope-Instance.
Same applies for manage_tabs (id=manage_tabs_dtml)
to overwrite renderer for tabs.


- Added a column for meta_type / object_type which is very useful
when working with PropertyTools


- Images in manage_main were adressed relatively, which could
cause problems in certain VHM-environments. Prepended a BASEPATH1
to make the paths absolute.


- added a monkey-patch for the menu on the left side of the ZMI,
so all items will be ordered there too. Additionally the
error_log will be shown in the left menu.

- added an additional nowrap around the buttons; thanks
to Keisuke URAGO for patch!


- removed folder_contents.pt so OrderedObjectManager can
be used with Plone 2.0;


- added nobr-tag around up/down-buttons

- Cleaned up AbracadabraObjectBox-insertion


- missing icons in folder_contents fixed;
shipped an already project-customized folder_contents
for Plone, sorry for that...:)
upgraded to Plone 1.0.2 template. Thanks to Marian Saeger!


- added Plone-support to OrderedObjectManager.
Now you can move your Plone-objects up and down as
you like it. No more tweaking with obscured
weightings etc.pp. to get order into your navigation..:)


- added a manage_redirect-paramter (taken from the REQUEST)
to the manage_*_methods, so you can integrate
OrderedObjectManager far more easily into your own
management_templates (esp. Plone) without adding customized


- fixed bug for manage_renameObjects for BTreeFolder2 and
other folderish objects.

- Backported and modified some of the OrderSupport-Code and
the much cleaner manage_main.dtml from 2.7 (done by Yuppie
and me) to OrderedObjectManager.


- fixed bug so that manage_renameObject will work as expected:
no more moves when you rename objects...:-)
removed deprecated move_object_to_position;


- fixed security permissions: many thanks to Abel Deuring for
working out that anonymous users could move objects and his
Patch; some whitespace-cleanups...


- fixed a bug & updated to new version of AbracadabraObject


- fixed a html-error in manage_main;
closed a double quote with a single quote


- upgraded OrderedObjectManager to ExternalEditor 0.6;
sorting order is now stored in a session so it won't change
when browsing through folders; fixed a bug for the "Order
Items"-feature: now all items will be selected


- added new feature: manage_orderObjects(). Now you can reorder
selected objects in a container by a fixed sorting (Type, Id,
Title ...) through the ZMI or scripts


- minor changes to manage_main.dtml =>
disabled AbracadabraObject & ExternalEditor if not installed


- first public release