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Epoz - a cross-browser-wysiwyg-editor for Zope

Please read the Epoz-FAQ before asking questions.

Epoz allows you to edit Zope-objects with a wysiwyg-editor. No plugins are required. You only have to use a recent browser (IE >= 5.5, Mozilla >= 1.3.1, Netscape >= 7.1, Firebird >= 0.7) that supports Rich-Text-controls (called Midas for Mozilla).

Please read the CHANGES.txt before upgrading Epoz.

To use Epoz, simply install it into your Products-directory of your Zope-Server and restart the server. If you want to get nice formatted and xhtml-compatible html-code from Epoz, you should also install mxTidy or uTidylib on your server.

Documentation about Epoz for end-users is provided by Tom Purl (see EpozBook). Thanks Tom!

Epoz talks over XMLRPC to the Zope-Server to clean up the html-code. After the processing of mxTidy, Epoz tries to call an additional hook (EpozPostTidy) which can do postprocessings on the html-source.

If you want to use the EpozPostTidy-Hook for getting relative urls from Epoz out of the box, create an External Method in the root of the ZMI or your Plone-Site with id=EpozPostTidy, Module Name=Epoz.EpozPostTidy, Function Name=EpozPostTidy.

If you want to use the EpozPostTidy-Hook for customized tasks, please have a look at Epoz/Extensions/EpozPostTidy.py on how to build an EpozPostTidy-hook. To use the EpozPostTidy-Hook for your own applications, create an external method or a python-script with id=EpozPostTidy in the root of your site, which expects three parameters self (=server context), html (=only htmlbody) and pageurl (=the "real" base url of current page, use it to traverse the object, rewrite urls, etc.). It should return a new html-body.

If you want to use Epoz with Plone use the CMFQuickInstaller or create an External Method with id=Install in your Plone-Site. Then edit the newly created External Method, set Module Name = Epoz.Install, Function Name = install and click on Test. Now you can select Epoz as default editor in "your preferences" of the Plone-Site. Please read the FAQ.txt on how to customize the widget-buttons. Epoz is shipped with a default toolbox for Plone (icon with folder on it). You can insert links (please highlight text before inserting a link) and images by searching / navigating through your site and simply click "Insert Link/Image".

If you want to use Epoz with native Zope applications, you have to create a customized edit-script. Because there is no unique interface for editing Zope-Objects, I did not include a "manage_edit_all"-script for Epoz. You have to create it yourself!!! To start working with Epoz, simply create a DTML-Method with id=edit:

  <dtml-var standard_html_header>
  <dtml-if html>
    <dtml-call "manage_edit('', content_type='text/html', filedata=_.str(html))">

  <p><a href="<dtml-var URL1>">View Document</a></p>

  <form action="<dtml-var URL>" method="post">
   <dtml-var "Epoz('html:string', data=this().data,
                           style='width: 620px; height: 250px; border: 1px solid #000000;')">
   <input type="submit" name="submit" value=" Save Changes " >
  <dtml-var standard_html_footer>

Then create an empty File with id=test and point your browser to http://yourServer/test/edit. That's all...:) Please note: Epoz is a pure HTML-editor and can't edit any ZPT-or-DTML-Tags!

To create an Epoz-Rich-Text-Editor from your own Products/Scripts/Methods/ZPT, you have to call it with one fixed and several optional paramters::

Epoz(self, name, data='', toolbox='', lang=en, path='', widget='', style=width: 600px; height: 250px; border: 1px solid #000000;, button=background-color: #EFEFEF; border: 1px solid #A0A0A0; cursor: pointer; margin-right: 1px; margin-bottom: 1px;, css='', customcss='', charset=utf-8, pageurl=''): """ Create an Epoz-Wysiwyg-Editor.

name : the name of the form-element which submits the data data : the data to edit toolbox : a link to a HTML-Page which delivers additional tools lang: a code for the language-file (en,de,...) path : path to Epoz-Javascript. Needed mainly for Plone (portal_url). widget: You can specify a path to an alternative JavaScript for epoz_script_widget.js style : style-definition for the editor-area button : style-definiton for buttons css : url to a global css which should be used for rendering content in editor-area customcss : url to a customized css which should be used for rendering content in editor-area charset : charset which is edited in the editor-area pageurl: the base-url for the edited page

If Epoz can't create a Rich-Text-Editor, a simple textarea is created. """

Epoz is shipped with a very nice additional feature. Besides the rich-text-controls you can set up a customized toolbox. This is simply an URL which provides a popup-window with special functions. To get the idea, create a DTML-Method with id=toolbox in your Zope-Root and enter something like:

  <body onload="this.focus();">


  <dtml-in "PYTHONPATH.TO.IMAGES.objectValues(['Image'])">
   <img src="<dtml-var absolute_url>"
        alt="<dtml-var title_or_id>"
        style="cursor: pointer;"
        onclick="window.opener.CreateImage('<dtml-var absolute_url>'); window.close();">

  <hr />


  <dtml-tree "PYTHONPATH.TO.CONTENT" branches_expr="objectValues(['Folder','File'])"  nowrap=1>
   <a href="#"
      style="cursor: pointer;"
      onclick="window.opener.CreateLink('<dtml-var absolute_url>'); window.close();" ><dtml-var title_or_id></a>


Now you can click onto the little icon with the folder on it and get a popup, which provides images (simply click) and links (select text in Epoz-window, then click onto link).

If you want to translate Epoz into your own language, have a look at epoz/epoz_i18n/epoz_lang_en.js.dtml. It would be nice if you want to share your translation with me.

I hope you'll enjoy Epoz. For me Epoz is the missing link to Zope. If you consider using Epoz, please write me a short mail about your use-case.

Bug-reports & patches are welcome. Please send them to: maik.jablonski@uni-bielefeld.de



Epoz - Changes


- fixed bug: drag&dropping images in Mozilla/Firefox broke image-url.
Thanks to Stefan Seifert from atikon.com for bug-fix! If you use
a customized version of epoz_script_widget.js, please have a look
at the new definition for the iframe.

- fixed bug in EpozPostTidy: HTML-Comments were eaten by parser.
Thanks to Stefan Palme for bug-fix!!!


- Disabling buttons with CSS-Ids was not a good idea when using
multiple Epoz-Widgets. Switched to CSS-Classes. Thanks to
Tonico Strasser for pointing me to the problem. If you use
a customized epoz_script_widget.js, please use the following
CSS (compare to 2.0.0 to see the difference) to disable single buttons:

<style type="text/css">
.epoz_button_bold {display:none;}
.epoz_button_indent {display:none;}


** PLEASE NOTE **: I needed to change the epoz_script_widget.js,
so if you use a customized version of it, please update your
template accordingly to the new one.

- Epoz can now handle several wysiwyg-areas at once. Many thanks
to Benoit Pin for his great work making this often requested feature
real!!!!! Benoit, this release is dedicated to you!

- It is much easier now to disable single buttons without customizing
the epoz_script_widget.js. Just use some CSS like

<style type="text/css">
#epoz_button_bold {display:none;}
#epoz_button_indent {display:none;}

and "bold" and "indent" are gone. Thanks to Mathias Grund!
See epoz/epoz_core/epoz_script_widget.js for the CSS-IDs for all

- Fixed security-problem in __init__.py. Thanks to Benoit Pin for working
and patching this out!

- Epoz used properties from stylesheet_properties.props in deciding the
background and font of the buttons. stylesheet_properties.props is
deprecated in Plone 2.0.5. Thanks to Lucas Hofman for patch.

- added AT-Image as additional image-type for Plone-Toolbox. Thanks
to Jan Murre.

- fixed bug in epoz_toolbox/breadcrumb: truncate parents to
get only objects from plone site. Thanks to Cyrille Lebeaupin from
Ingeniweb for patch!

- some fixes for "JavaScript in content-area-fixes" (upper-case tags,
missing whitespace after script-tag, etc.pp); Thanks to
Johannes Gijsbers for patch!

- added slovak translation for Epoz; Thanks to Rastislav "Rasto" Mucha!