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What's up in the iungo-universe...

Juni 2007

  • New releases of dependencies for iungo (AbracadabraObject & OrderedObjectManager). No need to update anything.

April 2007

  • Server was migrated to Zope 2.10. Therefore you'll need Zope 2.10.x (or better) to import iungo.zexp.

January 2007

  • Added a simple default content for a iungoPage. Epoz & IE 7 don't want to play nicely (no cursor visible) if there's no content in the wysiwyg-area. Just a workaround, but it works.

January 2006

  • iungo now supports nice urls in the default install. Please see the central index_html for required changes.
  • Added new root-property iungoContentHistory: uncheck if you don't want to show the selection for historical revisions of your documents.
  • Added new root-property iungoDirectoryListing: uncheck if you don't the default directory-listing below each iungoPage when using the iungoDesktop.
  • Added new root-property iungoExternalEditor: uncheck if you don't want to show the "External Edit"-Button to your users.
  • Fixed bug: Search was broken for Anonymous.
  • Moved the call to contentDownload from pageTemplate to central index_html, so it's easier to reuse index_html for embedding images etc. into customized layouts. Thanks to Simon Pamies from banality.de pointing me to this problem.

November 2005

  • The "Create"-select-box now offers the first item per default, so its easier to create a iungoPage with only one click.
  • The default-workflow acts now as expected for the iungoDesktop itself. You can now hide objects in navigations for anonymous users. Set all visible workflow-states in the iungoRoot-Property 'iungoVisibleStates' (defaults to 'published', add 'hidden' if you want the old behavior). Thanks to Ria Marinussen for pointing me to the problem.

September 2005

  • Please note: Zope 2.8.1 is broken regarding importing .zexp-Files. So using iungo with Zope 2.8.1 is impossible. The bug is fixed in Zope-Core (see entry for "Catalog.clear()"), wait for 2.8.2 or use a SVN-checkout.
  • Added a new property to the iungo-Root-Folder: iungoHeaderColor. You can now set the color of the header indedendently of the highlight-color. Changed the container for iungo from a normal folder to a PropertyFolder, because it is easier to manage properties with such a beast...;)
  • Fixed some minor HTML-entity-encoding issues. This is useful if you want to use another page-encoding than ISO-8859-1.

August 2005

  • Fixed a little rendering bug for customized content-types: entries in the "View"-mode were not in a fixed position on the screen. This can be distracting when you are viewing a lot of entries after each other. Added appropriate width to contentView. Thanks to Ria Marinussen!
  • Finished translating the iungo-website into english. If you have annotations or corrections to the translation (yes, I'm not a native speaker), please mail me. Thanks!
  • Announced iungo to the world-wild-world at zope@zope.org...let's see, if this choice was wise...:)
  • iungo was mentioned on zopezen.org by Andy McKay so I decided to translate the website into english.
  • Two new chapters in the tutorial: Workflow & Versioning and a simple introduction how to customize the iungo-Desktop.
  • I'm going to give an introduction to iungo at the annual DZUG-Meeting in September. I'm going to talk about some "Best Practices" regarding the Through-The-Web-Development with Zope2.
  • Announced iungo at dzug.org. iungo is offically supported from now on.


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