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Step 4

Workflow & Versioning

  • iungo comes with a default-two-state-workflow: "published" und "hidden".
  • The transition from "published" to "hidden" and the other way round does nothing special: It changes only a property of the iungoPage, which can be read out with the method .getWorkflowState() in your own templates. The change of a workflow-state in the default-installation does not change any permissions or anything similar of the page. It is just a interface for the user, all logic is needed to be implemented in your own templates.
  • iungo also offers a simple versioning of documents. You can always see a select-list under the document with timestamps of the last changes. If you select a document of this list, you'll can revert changes to a earlier state (in case you've done a mistake). Please note: This feature is just a litte undo-possibility for the user than a long-lasting strategy for document-revisions. If you'll pack your ZODB, all revisions will be lost.


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