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What makes iungo different?

  • Separation of content and application: The content-repository is strictly organized and completely independent of iungo and can be transfered between different Zope-Versions without problems. All content can be edited through the Zope-Mangement-Interface if you want to.
  • Folderish-Content: All content is organized within folders, so any object can have sub-objects and so on. There are no dead ends in the organization of your content. In the web all "entities" are links, not folders, documents or files...;)
  • Placeless-Content: All objects have a unique id and can be moved around within the repository without breaking any links between objects.
  • Keep it simple: As well the content-repository as iungo-core-code is kept very simple, so it should be easy to develop a custom layout for your public website with a few lines of DTML or ZPT. Basic knowledge with Zope should be enough...
  • New content-types with some clicks: You can create new content-types within iungo with  just a few clicks to build webdatabases in minutes.
  • Scaling: iungo is very fast, so working with iungo is mostly fun.
  • Userfriendly: iungo tries to provide an easy interface to empower users to change their content at will without calling the administrator. iungo is based on a feature-complete wysiwyg-editor called Epoz.


iungo is Copyright © 2007 by Maik Jablonski