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Step 5

Customize language, colors and layout of the iungo-desktop

  • Most of the properties should be self-explaining (just change them and see what happens). Sometimes (esp. for changing the language) you'll need to close / reopen your browser to make changes really work, because iungo stores some properties in the user-session.
  • iungoLanguage: Up to now there are two translations for the iungo-Desktop. German (de) and English (en). If you want to create your own version (please share it with me!), you need to enter /iungo/iungo/translations in the ZMI and copy/paste and change an already existing translation. Its really easy to do. After you've done the changes and changed the iungoLanguage you'll need to close / reopen the browser, because iungo stores translations for the desktop in the user-session for speed-up.
  • iungo*Color: Just try and see what happens. It's easy to guess, too...;)
  • iungoCharset: If you'll need another character-encoding for your site, you can change this here. PLEASE NOTE: You should change the character-encoding before you'll create the first content, afterwards you'll need encoding-migration scripts to make things work properly.
  • iungoRootId: This is the id of the iungo-repository where all content should be stored. This needs only changes if you don't use a Virtual-Hosting-Environment to hide the Id of the root-folder.
  • iungoPageLayout: If you want to display the navigation at the left-side, simply change the value to something else. Currently only default = navigation-tree at the right is supported. This may change in future releases.
  • iungoPageLogo: If you want to replace the nice iungo-Logo in the upper-left with something of your own, please enter the URL to the image here.
  • iungoExternalEditor: Uncheck this if you don't want to see or use the button "External Edit".
  • iungoDirectoryListing: Uncheck if you don't want the default directory-listing below each page when using the iungoDesktop.
  • iungoContentHistory: Uncheck if you don't want show the selection for historical document revisions.


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